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Slitting Rewinding Machine Precautions

- Jan 09, 2018 -

1, before starting to ensure that the voltage, current and hydraulic equivalent of the correct and stable.

2, Before the equipment is ready for operation, all personnel must notify the equipment to ensure personal safety before starting operation.

3, the operation, should not touch the film roll or roll in operation, so as not to hand involved in causing personal injury.

4, during the operation, avoid scratching with a knife or hard objects, cut the roller core.

The first package: equipment put into work before checking whether the adjustment of the work position properly, the need for lubrication parts, should be pre-filled with grease. Check if the tool is sharp.

After everything is normal, you can empty the car and check whether there is any abnormality. Then, you need to input the order for processing in advance to check the computer's list. After the equipment is put into work, the best working condition of the equipment should be adjusted in time to ensure the slitting pressure Mark moderate, no burr cut, both trimming position. To ensure that the machine cut into the paper smooth, accurate cutting length, vertical and horizontal cutting machine linked to the production management, the same need to constantly monitor its operation, to prevent the phenomenon of blocking the paper and the production of defective products;

After the work is completed, timely cleaning up the equipment on the ash and paper scraps, and grinding wheel inspection, discharge oil and water accumulator and tank high water, check the operation of parts with or without exception. Then, cut off the power according to the instruction manual operation and maintain the computer operating system.

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