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Slitter What Are The Use Of It?

- Jul 12, 2017 -

Now a lot of people are smoking, regular smokers will know that cigarette butts mouth that part is wrapped in a piece of paper. In fact, this part of the tobacco wrapping paper is made using the slitting machine to process the paper.

Slitting machine is the most common use of the slitting of paper. This paper cut, the most common in the market, many businesses are often used. It is mainly for the wide volume of material for horizontal or vertical cutting, making it an equal area, the size of the product. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for mica tape, paper, insulation and film and other related materials. What areas of the industry can use the slitting machine it? Paper mills, printing plants, packaging factories are indispensable for its use.

Slitter is a high-speed operation of the machine equipment, it's operating speed can reach more than 300 meters per minute, so before using the device, be sure to check the machine carefully to see if the parts are damaged, In the case of electricity, the machine can operate (power is power). Also note that, in operation, it relies on the conversion of a single pole operation, due to the relatively high requirements on the blade, so the machine operation, be sure to check the blade. If these checks are no problem, it can be produced.

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