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Slitter The Main Features

- May 03, 2017 -

Slitter is mainly cut into large rolls of rolls of different width products, and can check the quality of products. Its main features are as follows:

1, unwinding photoelectric correction, high precision; control mode in two steps: manual transmission and automatic transmission

2, there are two kinds of winding methods: surface coiling and center coiling;

3, retractable volume tension using automatic tension control; control of tension feedback control and taper control.

4, Round knife cutting and air knife cutting two kinds of cutting tools, reliable quality, easy adjustment;

5, the use of surface center coiling, winding quality uniform and stable;

6, fixed length automatic stop, automatic meter length;

7, with trimming device, edge material discharged by the fan;

8, suitable for a variety of thin coils for narrow band (insulation materials, mica tape, film, etc.) of the cut

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