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Slitter Manufacturers Slitter Induction Of Common Problems And Solutions

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Slitting machine paper processing industry, an important equipment, paper products manufacturers use this equipment almost every day, if failure will hinder the production process, manufacturers will have to lose. In general, if the normal staff do not pay attention to routine maintenance, slitting machine will often have some difficult problems, in order to promptly resolve these small problems from time to time, we summarize the following problems are more often encountered For your reference, I hope for everyone to help:

First, the paper cutting machine winding inconsistent. This situation is mostly due to the core does not apply, as long as the replacement of the inner diameter of the paper core is required, and in the process of rewinding the use of rolling roller, but also to avoid slitting machine winding error.

Second, cut the volume of materials from the rolling. This is mainly winding tension is not right, adjust the paper cutting machine suitable winding tension, rewinding the use of pressure roller and the sub-roll over the pressure roller and then into the winding paper core.

Third, the meter count is not allowed. This problem can meter wheel at the same time contact with the feed roller rubber, and make a mark on the meter wheel 5 hand laps for a count of 1 meter or replace meter.

These are some common problems that staff members often encounter when operating slitting machines. To keep these points in mind for quick solutions, there may be other new problems that can be experienced with either the winder or the napkin machine Paper machinery manufacturer, so that professional technical staff to help solve.

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