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Release Paper On The Automatic Die-cutting Machine Cutting An Important Impact

- Mar 12, 2017 -

The essence of die-cutting quality, release paper thickness, flatness, fiber structure and strength have a direct impact on die-cutting quality. At present, the commonly used release paper is divided into two categories, that is, not transparent and semi-transparent release paper. Incompatible release paper-based pressure-sensitive adhesive material quantitatively in the general above 90g / m2, there is a certain degree of stiffness, suitable for single-sheet printing, web printing is also suitable, product labeling and more for the use of technology labeling. Transparent release paper-based pressure-sensitive adhesive quantitative data is generally 60-70g / m2, release paper fibers have a certain density or tightness, mainly for web printing, inappropriate sheetfed printing, product labels for automatic paste Standard.

Pressure sensitive adhesive material requirements of the release paper flatness, uniform thickness, the same transmittance, the greater the better density, so that the substrate intact die-cutting.

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