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Process Flow Of Aluminum Foil Rewinder

- Apr 14, 2018 -

The aluminum foil rewinder also has the functions of automatic trimming, spraying, sealing and pumping, and these steps can be completed synchronously to reduce the loss of paper, improve the production efficiency of the equipment and the grade of finished products.

The aluminum foil rewinder has the functions of double sided embossing, compound glue and so on, and the paper produced is softer than the single side embossing, and the double layer paper is not easy to spread when it is used. The rewinder can process the toilet paper with no heart, solid and roll paper, and speed up the switching between products.

The rewinder of the toilet paper rewinder includes the upper reel roll, the lower reel roll, the rear roll roll, and the press roll with the same line speed as the rear roll. The feature of the toilet paper rewinder is that the roller is driven and back in time by a driving mechanism in the process of the rewinding of the original paper and the speed lifting of the upper reel roll for breaking the original paper. The roll roll is in close contact.

The aluminum foil rewinder has the structure of contact between the roll and the back roll with the press roll, so that the press roll does not contact the rear roll when carrying out the normal rewinding, thus ensuring that the patterned toilet paper will not produce deformation, so that the finished product has good swelling and softness, and the user's feeling effect is guaranteed. Good.

When the upper roll roll is speeded up to break paper, the roller is timely combined with the back roll roll to ensure the accuracy, reliability and continuity of the cutting of the toilet paper.

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