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Overview Of Cutting Machine

- May 24, 2018 -

Cutting process, is another important step of the aluminum foil production, its task is a volume classification (born for receives rolling aluminum foil products), the second is shear: is the production of rolling out products, sliced into customer's requirements of width, roll diameter, but also will bring it in the process of rolling of nonconforming product, such as super thick, defects such as wrinkling and roller removed. For users, the cutting process is the last processing process, so the inherent quality of the product depends largely on the production process of cutting. As a result of the day, the requirements for the cutting machine and the operation of the main operating requirements are also increasing.

According to the different thickness of aluminum foil, the cutting machine is divided into thick foil and thin foil. According to the different way of cutting machine winding configuration, and can be divided into vertical cutting machine (two winding position relative to the ground vertical placement) and horizontal cutting machine (two winding position relative to the ground level positions)

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