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Introduction To Cutting Machine Equipment(二)

- May 24, 2018 -

10. Press the supporting roller of the roller

The flattening roll and supporting roll press on the aluminum foil and the take-up shaft during the operation of the machine to achieve the effect of pressure and support. In order to distinguish between the press roller and the support rod, make different colors such as;

The yellow cots are flat rollers and red rollers are flat rollers. (the convex degree of the flat rollers is adjusted according to production needs.)

11. Operation desk

The console is equipped with a touch screen to display some running parameters and setting parameters.

The operating desk has pressure adjustment switch, tension control switch and other major operating buttons.

12. Discharging trolley

The main work of the unloading car is to put the finished product material roll on the top of the inlet and outlet shaft and the pipe core.

13. Hydraulic system

The hydraulic station is divided into high pressure, low pressure and valve station. The main job of the valve station is to provide the pressure control of each cylinder on the machine.

14. Main control room

The main control room is mainly the electrical control cabinet of the cutting machine, in which high voltage is dangerous, operators are not allowed to enter.

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