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Introduction To Cutting Machine Equipment(一)

- May 24, 2018 -

1. Material storage rack: it is used to prepare materials for the next batch of materials to be cut off, which can shorten the auxiliary time (material preparation, material inspection, material arrangement, and core preparation).

2. Feeding trolley: it is used to transport the material coil from the storage rack to the uncoiling machine.

3. Uncoiling machine: it is used for clamping the material coil sleeve and driving the material coil. The device is used to adjust the left and right movement of the uncoiling material coil to facilitate cutting edge.

4. Coil diameter measurement: it is used for real-time coil diameter measurement of uncoiled material coil. The speed and tension of uncoiled material coil can be controlled automatically through the size of coil diameter.

5. Plate type roller: there are three plate type regulating rollers, which are used to adjust the incoming material plate type to meet the production needs.

6. Drive guide roller, center clamping roller and tensioning roller: pass the surface of guide roller to transfer aluminum foil during operation and ensure the flatness of aluminum foil.

7. Air suction system of tool holder of knife groove roller

The knife groove roller tool holder is used to cut the edge during the cutting process. The suction system is used to crush the cut edge and the rod cut off and send them to the packing room.

8. Welding guide roller and ultrasonic welding machine

Welding guide roller in the normal operation of the machine and transfer guide roller as role (to transfer on the surface of the aluminum foil but also ensures the flatness of the aluminum foil), fixed in the process of welding welding guide roller used for aluminum foil, welding plate pressure by ultrasonic welding on the guide roller.

9. Take-up axis

The take-up axis (76 axis /150 axis /152 axis) is followed by the installation of pipe core according to the production requirements and the connection of motor drive for aluminum foil take-up.

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