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How To Maintain The New Hydraulic Press?

- May 06, 2018 -

In order to prolong the service life of the hydraulic press, it is necessary to use and maintain proper daily use and maintenance, especially for the newly purchased machines, which should be paid more attention to daily maintenance.

How to maintain the new hydraulic press?

1. Before the new machine is used, install and debug the machine to achieve the expected function.

2. Professional technical training for operators and maintenance personnel of the machine.

3. Record and analyze the change of operating state of the machine.

4. Regularly check the structure and transmission of hydraulic press, as well as various operating parts.

5. Record and analyze the location, frequency and cause of failure in the operation of the machine.

6. If there are any deficiencies in the design of hydraulic press, relevant measures should be taken to repair or contact the manufacturer.

7. In the early stage of use, the machine should protect the oil absorption filter in the system, clean the attachment in time, and prevent the pump from sucking oil and making noise.

Hydraulic presses do not have proper daily maintenance, the machine is prone to some failures, thus reducing work efficiency.

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