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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Eight Applications

- Oct 18, 2017 -

Decoration industry As the laser cutting machine speed, cutting flexibility, many complex graphics can be quickly formed, won the love of decoration company. As long as the customer wants, after doing a good job of drawing through CAD and so on, it can be directly cut out using related materials, and there is no problem of customization in any way.

2. Automotive industry. Many corners of the automotive industry, such as car doors, car exhaust pipe after forming some extra corners or glitches need to be addressed, if the artificial first difficulty is difficult to achieve, the second is much more efficient. Robotic laser cutting machine for rapid batch processing.

3. Advertising industry. The advertising industry is very inefficient due to its very high number of customizations and its traditional use of laser cutting machines. No matter what kind of word, no matter how many different companies, can quickly cut out.

4. Kitchenware industry. Now more and more houses, more and more decoration, kitchen utensils related products demand more and more, laser cutting machine is ideal for cutting sheet stainless steel, high speed, high precision, good effect, and can be customized and personalized product development , Won the favorite kitchenware manufacturers.

5. Lighting industry. At present, the mainstream outdoor lighting is a big pipe, different types of cutting, and more and more retro products, more and more types, the traditional cutting method is too low, and can not achieve personalized development, the use of laser cutting machine just solve this problem .

6. Sheet metal processing. In simple terms, processing is a variety of sheet metal, a variety of different graphic parts cutting, laser cutting machine advantages in the development of the industry most vividly.

7. Cabinet industry. Including distribution cabinets, file cabinets, etc., are standard sheet metal production, requiring efficiency, the use of laser cutting machine four or six station is very suitable and efficient. It can even double-cut for a specific board.

Fitness equipment. Due to the country's emphasis on sports health and the development of personal health concept. Plaza fitness equipment and home fitness equipment, etc. are rapidly developed, the demand is particularly large. Basically, some pipe cutting, pipe laser cutting machine is very convenient.

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