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Computer Slicing Machine Safety Eye Protection Device Role

- Apr 25, 2017 -

1. Computer slicing electromechanical eye a variety of options

Protected area from 60mm ~ 375mm, the number of optical axis from 2 to 16, with a variety of models, according to the use of the device to protect the size of the area to choose.

2. Computer slicing mechanical eye performance assurance

Amplifier built-in, using modulated light source, synchronous scanning mode, anti-external interference ability, easy to install.

3. easy installation

Connection with a terminal or socket, convenient, safe, fast and easy.

4. Computer slicing mechanical eye automatic monitoring

With internal self-diagnostic monitoring, dual CPU control, to ensure that anomalies occur immediately stop the output, with the test side, at any time to detect the state of the grating work; Meet IEC61496-1 / 2 standards, through the European CE certification.

5. Computer slicing machine electrical eye safe and effective

When the computer slicer itself fails (loss of power, internal device failure, connection failure, etc.), the relay will remain off, the computer slicer can not be started,

Thus effectively protecting the computer slicing machine and personal safety.

6. Computer slicing machine eye safety certification

UL dedicated shielded cable connection to ensure high anti-interference; This series of products through the European CE certification.

7. Computer slicing mechanical eye failure immediately stop

Stop with loss of power, the failure of internal devices to stop, stop the connection failure, stop the signal intruding into the special features.

8. safety standard

Stable and ultra-fast response design to meet the machinery industry's computer slicing machine safety standards.

9. Electrical and mechanical eye slices reliable protection of personal safety

It is suitable for the safety inspection of the related machinery such as computer slicing machinery, which can reliably protect the personal or object safety.

10. Dual relay output

The opposite relay output logic, mutual monitoring, there are normally open and normally closed two sets of contacts to choose from.

11. Computer slicing electromechanical eye rapid response

When there is an intruding object in the protection area, the relay is turned off to stop the computer slicer, and the fault indicator light is on at the same time.

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