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Comparison Between The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hot Foil And Imitation Hot Foil

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Imitation bronzing pulp printing is similar to a shining pearl material printed on the fabric, in the sunlight or light shining, pearl shiny, dotted with dazzling prints. It is a titanium film as a medium, titanium dioxide coated special material, and then coated with a light agent, the refractive index can reach 3.6. Titanium dioxide and clothing additives and other chemical substances good compatibility, acid, high temperature, feel good, and have a good flash effect, made of imitation bronzing paste stability, long-term exposure to the air will not be dark.

Imitation bronzing pulp using the popular, simple operation, can save energy, will not cause secondary pollution, to achieve cleaner production, is the emerging green printing materials.

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