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Automatic Slitter Slitter Compared With The General Advantages Of What Is It?

- Jun 20, 2017 -

Automatic slitting machine is really automatic? Compared with ordinary slitting machine what advantage, the use of more people?

1, Automatic Slitter What are the characteristics? Is able to automatically convey, cut, collect. The whole process is fully automatic. Automatic cursor, PLC control and so on.

2, automatic slitting machine is to say that automatic feeding, automatic slitting, all using PLC control, all above the touch screen operation can be fast running, but in the feeding is manual, the paper into the tube is also manual . Specific words also need to see how you cut the material, how much width, winding diameter and size of the sub-cut to determine the model. Of course, the price of slitting machine is also a big gap, depends on how you choose.

3, the import configuration slightly more expensive, good performance, at the same time a variety of sizes can be sub-cut, cheap domestic configuration, performance in general, can meet the daily cutting requirements. Automatic Slitting Machine is used in papermaking machinery and printing and packaging machinery and paper tube production, which is produced by Rigao Machinery will be wide and large rolls of paper, film, non-woven materials such as slitting into a wide width of small volumes of material Equipment. Automatic slitting machine is a powder clutch as a resistance device, you can control the smaller tension. Fully automatic slitting machine coil winding solid, both sides are flat, the voice is very low. Its operation is very smooth. Automatic Slitter is also very easy to operate, after the cut on both sides of the paper bag is not only smooth and flat without burr. Its adaptability is also strong, the yield is also high.

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