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Turret Slitter Rewinder

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Product Details

Hansoar turret slitter rewinder is developed based on decades study and deep market research. All machine is whole servo motor system and closed loop tension system, realized precise control and stable working at high speed.

It uses a 'rotating rewind shaft' system for maximum productivity. Two sets of rewind shafts minimize downtime by allowing the slitter to keep running while the finished rolls are unloaded and new cores are setup. It is the choice for the converter that is looking for maximum productivity and minimum downtime.

Technical Data:


HS1300T; HS1600T

Material Thickness

12um - 200um

Unwind Diameter .

1200mm; 1500mm

Rewind Diameter



Shear Knife; Razor Knife

Min.Rewind Width


Rewind Core

3”, 6” 

Working Speed

600m/min; 800m/min

Standard Functions:

- Shaft less unwind

- Motorized jumbo lateral adjustment and pick-up

- Material splice table

- Digital web guider

- Automatic laser core positioning system

- Automatic cross cut off

- Automatic Finished roll pusher and handling system

- Whole servo system

- CE fencing, safety radar

Optional Functions:

- Automatic shear knife positioning

- Automatic tape down