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Paper Slitting Machine

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Product Details

HS2000 is a separate unwinder paper slitting machine. The machine uses heavy duty frame with robust construction, the unwinder and rewinder are separate whole closed loop tension system, achieving precise and consistent tension control. The finished rolls rewind on differential shafts are perfect straight edge and right tension. It is highly spoken by big paper converters all over the world.

Technical Data:



Unwind OD


Rewind OD

Max. 650mm; 800mm


Shear Knife

Rewind Width

Min. 50mm

Rewind Shaft

3”, 6”

Working Speed

400m/min; 600m/min

Standard Functions:

- 3 Inch and 6 Inch Shaft less unwind

- Motorized paper jumbo roll lateral adjustment

- Hydraulic paper roll pick-up

- Paper joint table with clamp bars

- Digital material alignment

- Paper core position system

- Automatic small roll pusher

- Automatic small roll unloading tree


- Automatic laser core positioning system

- Automatic shear knife positioning

- CE fencing, safety radar