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Hot Foil Slitter Machine

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Product Details

·    HS1300 slitter machine is specially designed for big quantity hot and cold stamping foils slitting work. Adopt shaftless unwind, it fits 300mm to 1300mm parent rolls with max.outside diameter up to 1000mm. Stably slitting at 400m/min speed, plus its convenient operation and fast change over, its high productivity is unprecedented.

·    Downtime of HS1300 foil slitter is also unbeatable. Two clamps prevent foil fall back and fix their original positions after cross cut, with help of laser core positioning, operators can easily load new cores to right position and start next run without delay.

·    Using all close loop tension control system and differential rewinding shafts, HS1300 slitter provides accurate tension control, the finished rolls are perfect in terms of shape and tension.

Technical Data:



Web Width


Jumbo Roll Diameter


Rewind Roll Diameter


Cutting System

Shear Blade; Razor Blade

Rewind Width


Rewind Shaft

3”, 6”     Optional: 1”

Slitting Speed

400m/min   Optional 600m/min

Standard Function:

- 3” and 6” Shaftless unwind

- Hydraulic floor pick -up

- Splice table

- Edge guider

- Laser core positioning

- Finished roll unloading tree


- Automatic jumbo roll lateral adjustment

- Automatic finished roll unloading pusher

- Automatic finished roll unloading tree

- Automatic laser core positioning

- Automatic waste winders

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