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Heat Transfer Foil Slitter Machine

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Product Details

Hansoar is the best and a professional manufacturer of heat transfer foil slitter machine in China. We have full series machines cover your needs no matter you are sourcing a narrow web slitter or a wide slitter rewinder. For machines below 1600mm width, Hansoar foil slitter is also capable of slitting rewinding on 1 inch core apart from 3 inch & 6 inch core. Which makes it possible to meet all foil converters requirements.

Technical Data:


HS800, 1300, 1600, 2000

Material Width


Jumbo Foil Roll Diameter


Finished Foil Roll Diameter



Shear Knife; Razor Knife

Cutting Width


Rewind Shaft

1”, 3”, 6” 

Slitting Speed

400m/min; 600m/min; 800m/min

Standard Functions:

- Shaftless unwind

- Hydraulic jumbo foil roll pick-up

- Material splice table

- Ultrasonic edge guiding

- Paper core laser positioning

- Manual finished roll unloading tree

Optional Functions:

- Automatic jumbo roll lateral adjustment

- Automatic finished roll discharge

- Robotic finished roll handling

- Automatic paper core laser positioning

- Automatic waste winders

- CE fencing, safety radar

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