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Film Slitting Machine

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Product Details

Hansoar also provides various solutions for different film slitting work, like flexible/rigid packaging film, protective film, optical film, thermal lamination film etc. Different type film has its special character when slitting, which requires the machine to fit its characters. Based on decades designing and manufacturing experiences in slitting machines, we have the right machines when your needs rise.

Technical Data:


HS1300; HS1600; HS1800; HS2000; HS2200

Material Thickness

12um - 600um

Unwind Diameter

800mm; 1000mm; 1200mm

Rewind Diameter

600mm; 800mm


Shear Knife; Razor Knife

Cut Width


Rewind Shaft

3”, 6” 

Slitting Speed

400m/min; 600m/min; 800m/min

Standard Functions:

- 3” and 6” Shaftless unwinding

- Hydraulic lifting up

- Material joint table

- Digital web guiding

- Laser core positioning

- Finished roll unloading tree

- 3” differential shafts

Optional Functions:

- Motorized jumbo roll lateral adjustment

- Motorized finished roll pusher

- Robotic finished roll handling system

- Automatic laser core positioning

- CE fencing, safety radar

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