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Cold Foil Slitter Machine

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Product Details

Hansoar cold foil slitter machine is designed to produce perfect quality cold foil rolls with user-friendly operation. As cold foil will generate lot of dust during slitting work, the treatment of waste edge and powder dust is very crucial to provide clean and healthy working environment. Hansoar uses servo driven waste winders or waste sucking system to collect the waste in stead of blowing it, meanwhile, the shear knives are customized to fit metallized materials for clean cut and neat edge. All these special and dedicated designs make us different and professional when it comes to cold foil slitting work.

Technical Data:


HS800, HS1300, HS1600, HS2000

Cold Foil Width


Jumbo Diameter


Finished Diameter


Cutting System


Cut Width



3”, 6” 

Slitting Speed

400m/min; 600m/min; 800m/min

Standard Machine Functions:

- 3 inch and 6 inch shaftless unwinding

- Hydraulic jumbo roll pick-up

- Foil joint table

- Ultrasonic edge guiding system

- Paper core positioning system

- Manual finished roll unloading tree

Optional Functions:

- Auto jumbo foil roll lateral adjustment

- Auto finished roll discharge system

- Auto finished roll unloading tree

- Auto paper core positioning system

- Servo waste winders

- Safety radar 

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