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1 Inch Foil Roll Slitter

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Product Details

When it comes to 1 inch foil roll slitter, Hansoar has the right solution. We now have full series foil slitters to handle 1 inch, 3 inch and 6 inch rewind on the same machine. Instead of using 1 inch solid steel shafts, our machines are equipped with whole-key 1 inch air shafts, which provides better tension control and helps achieve best rewinding performance. Besides they can also use 3 inch and 6 inch differential shafts to compatible with 1 inch air shafts.

Technical Data:


HS500, 800, 1300, 1600

Web Width


Unwind Diameter


Rewind Diameter

600mm (3”&6”); 250mm (1”)


Shear Knife; Razor Knife

Cut Width


Rewind Shaft

1”, 3”, 6” 

Slitting Speed

400m/min (3”&6”); 150mm (1”)

Standard Functions:

- Shaftless unwind

- Material splice table

- Digital edge guider

- Laser core positioning

- Finished roll unloading tree

Optional Functions:

- Hydraulic floor pick -up

- Automatic laser core positioning

- Automatic trim edge winders

- Trim edge sucking system

- CE fencing, safety radar 

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