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Plastic Core Cutter

Plastic Core Cutter

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Product Details

Brief Introduction

PC1500A plastic core cutter is professionally designed to cut 1 inch to 3 inch plastic cores with wall thickness 1-5mm. The core cutter knife and its mechanical parts will find its position automatically for different inner diameter cores by pressing a single button on the touch screen. It uses straight knife with air waste trimming, the cores cut are perfect neat edge.

Technical Data:

Maximum Core Length:  1500mm

Plastic Core Material:  ABS, PVC, etc

Core Inner Diameter:  1 inch - 3 inch

Maximum Core Wall Thickness:  5mm

Knife:  Straight Knife

Minimum Cut Length:  20mm

Cutting Length Accuracy:  +/- 0.2mm

Machine Features:

- One button to set knife position for different diameter cores

- Cutting recipe memory

- Cutting speed adjustable

- Air waste trimming

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