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Fully Automatic Plastic Core Cutting Machine

Fully Automatic Plastic Core Cutting Machine

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Product Details

Brief Introduction

Hansoar PC2000FA fully automatic plastic core cutting machine is designed cut plastic cores from 1” up to 3” diameter, with length maximum 2100mm. After loading needed mother cores on the hopper feeder and choosing cutting recipe, it doesn’t need any further operator intervention, which enables the operator has plenty time to work on other machines.Compared to traditional cutter, this machine is featured as fast cutting and perfect performance.

Technical Data:

Maximum Core Length:  2100mm

Core ID:  1 inch - 3 inch

Max. Core Wall Thickness:  5mm

Knife:  Straight Knife

Min. Cut Length:  10mm

Cutting Accuracy:  +/- 0.2mm

Machine Features:

- Suitable for any diameter cores between 1” and 3”

- Fully automatic with hopper feeder

- Cutting recipe memory

- Safe working environment 

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